Xprt Desktop Training Devices

Desktop trainers developed for type specific Garmin G1000 training and basic flight training.

These devices deliver high value for money. They come as a pure G1000 trainer or as a desktop flight training device. All desktop flight training devices can be repurposed to serve as instrument panel module in our Advanced Flight Training Devices. Aircraft performance and behavior are carefully tuned to optimize the training curve. We can provide specific training environments (your airfield) to encourage situational awareness from the start. We can simulate the operational training environment in order to provide situational awareness cues from day one.


Xprt Advanced Flight Training Devices

Advanced Flight Training Devices to provide maximum transfer of training from tool to aircraft.

Xprt AFTD’s are designed to provide maximum transfer of training from the device to the aircraft. They have a modular and adaptive structure to provide maximum return on investment. All human interfaces like seat flight controls and flight instruments are positioned correctly in the 3D space and function exactly as in the aircraft. The basic frame can accommodate multiple aircraft modules with high respect to correct cockpit ergonomics aircraft performance and behavior, well beyond FNPT II standards.

All Xprt AFTD’s can be fitted with Xprt metrics software to enable the FTO to use a device for automated screening, instructor- guided training and unattended guided solo training.

The highly modular hardware and software can be adapted to reflect the performance of several aircraft types from light single engine trainer to large jet.

Xprt mockups

Airbus and Boeing type mockups built from industrial quality aluminum profiles.

Adaptable ground surface use gives you maximum training value per square meter. Graphics can be customized for your fleet. All graphics are applied digitally, direct on the material, with an additional transparent protective foil for excellent durability. For Airbus mockups the detachable tray tables are included for improved replication of the working environment. The simulator height can be adapted to standard office chair height or aircraft chair height.


Xprt metrics

Xprt Metrics is a highly sophisticated software module that can automate your pre-entry screening and training curriculum.

Xprt Metrics converts YOUR screening and training approach into automated missions that can be used during all stages of your flight training.

Virtual instructors guide your students during solo missions to acquire their basic flight handling skills. Different modules provide step-by-step guided training at virtually no cost for the training organization.

All missions can be adapted to your specific aircraft types, SOP’s and training philosophy.

Xprt Metrics uses fine-tuned logic to rate the student's’ performance. All flight parameters can be extracted and put into a clear report immediately available after finishing the session. All data remains available for further use. With the help of the automated tools and reports the real life Instructors will be able to spend targeted follow-up time with the individual students. All reports can be tailored to customer’s preferences.

Samples of use:

    an efficient evaluation tool to check pilot’s flight handling capabilities or confirm an airline pilot’s proficiency skills in depth.
    guided ‘hands-on’ training by virtual instructors to provide a solid base for future stages of the training process. Manual flying can be trained and retrained with a simple tool like the Xprt AFTD with Xprt metrics software. The virtual instructors teach with your approach to provide basic flight handling skills. The virtual instructor will correct unwanted behavior as your real instructor would and build a report of the student's learning curve. The result will be fewer hours of aircraft training, lower mishap cost and a better manageable training flow.
    an unbiased way to measure how well the student acquired the skill at the end of the stage. E.g. Basic maneuvering, takeoff and landing procedures, navigation, IFR, UPRT, multitasking, normal and abnormal operations, etc…
    automated modules for pilots/trainees lacking basic flying skills, scan techniques, etc…
    guided self-teaching modules according to the FTO’s standards. to improve cognitive and psychomotor skills of students. The modules can measure individual deviations to tailor individual remedial training.

Excerpt of an Xprt Metrics report


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